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"As always, my massage was fantastic! Darlene's expert knowledge, techniques, and healing hands are a Blessing to me and all of her clients!"
Lori G
"My wife and I have been receiving massages from Darlene for over a year. In our opinion, she is the best massage therapist in the area. I have found massage to be integral to keeping me active in my sports and distance running, cycling, triathlons, and Jiu Jitsu. The expedited recovery from injury and enhanced flexibility associated with massage has been noticeable. We highly recommend Darlene to anyone looking to stay active and healthy."
Dr. Jeffery DiMascio
"As part of my health routine I have always included massages two to three times a month and have done so most of my adult life. When I moved to the St. Augustine area six years ago I was unable to find a qualified and competent massage therapist to use on a regular basis. Fortunately, four years ago and after several qualifying trials I found Darlene Mattiace and have not used anyone since. In my experience, I think Darlene is the best massage therapist that I have ever used and I am particular. She has been a great resource for my physical and mental wellbeing. To be successful in life you have to surround yourself with the right people and I have been very lucky to find Darlene."
Chris Black, Executive
"I was so impressed with my 90 minute wellness massage from Darlene. I could not believe how in-tune Darlene was with what was going on under my skin. I stayed totally relaxed while I could actually feel things moving into place (or what felt like into place). It was like Darlene's hands and my body were one in the same. I didn't even mention some areas to Darlene, yet I could tell, she found them and gave those areas much needed attention! I fully recommend the full 90 minute massage and the foot scrub. You will be glad you did! It leaves your entire body thoroughly nourished and complete! It's much more then a feel good thing (although that part was "over the top")! It made me feel totally relaxed, loose, well, and feeling better than I have in a long time. "
Tami Ellison
"I have been getting court ordered weekly massages for the last six years due to surgery. I can choose anyone in town, after years of searching for a therapist, I tried Darlene Mattiace; my search is over. I have been a customer for close to 8 years and would highly recommend her services."
John Wombough, Executive
"I am a trainer and instructor with 23 years of experience in the business. I sought Darlene's expertise with a hamstring issue and shoulder pain and numbness. Visits to the doctor and physical therapist's office had proven unsuccessful. After working with Darlene, I am happy to report that I am fully functional again and pain free. I recommend her services to everyone! "
Wendy Anderson, Personal Trainer / Instructor
"Since working with you, I have seen a world of improvement, and so much less pain. Thanks!"
Mike S.
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